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About The HBC

The HBC stands as a prominent boys and girls volleyball club nestled in the heart of Orange County, operating from the premier volleyball facility in the area. At The HBC, we uphold and instill values of passion, pride, and discipline. These values have consistently yielded a positive influence on the accomplishments of our athletes and their character development. Our club places a deliberate emphasis on nurturing camaraderie, fostering a sense of unity between coaches and players, recognizing that volleyball is a collective effort where no single player can secure victory alone.

Respect, encouragement, and a teamwork-oriented mindset are the expectations we hold for all our athletes. We cherish the privilege of introducing newcomers to the sport, extending a warm welcome to players ranging from beginners to the most advanced. Regardless of skill level, every athlete at The HBC receives comprehensive training, unwavering support, and motivation to realize their utmost potential within a constructive yet competitive environment. Volleyball, like all sports, is in a state of continuous evolution. We at HBC are steadfast in adapting to these changes, continually raising the bar for excellence in the realm of volleyball.

Our elite coaching staff assumes the responsibility of training your athlete. Many of our coaches boast impressive histories as top-ranked players before transitioning into equally esteemed roles as high school, college, and club coaches. Among their accolades are Division 1 college play, participation on the USA national team, CIF championships, and victories in Olympic and American Cup competitions. Their genuine passion for cultivating emerging talent fuels their dedication to the sport's future. We hold the firm belief that exceptional coaches are the cornerstone to the triumphs of our athletes and our club.

The overarching aim of The HBC is to cultivate not only winning attitudes and athletes but also cohesive teams. We are dedicated to achieving victory, building a positive reputation for each athlete, preparing them for their high school seasons, and ultimately striving to provide them with the opportunity to earn a college education while participating in the sport they hold dear.